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What To Do When The Gmail Is Not Working On Dell Laptop?

Posted by admin, 22 Aug 2018

Have you bought a new Dell laptop and now you are accessing Gmail on it but it’s not working? You are tensed that why your Gmail account is not opening on the Dell laptop but it’s working alright on your Smartphone and other devices. That’s not a big issue; you need to check few things to go through the process. Our Dell Support Team is there to help you out in this process. You must follow the steps for best results to access your Gmail account.

What To Do When The Gmail Is Not Working On Dell Laptop?

  • 1. You have to cross check that you are using the correct browser that supports Gmail like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc
  • 2. Now check the extensions of your browser that you are using also check the applications too. Sometimes the Add-ons and apps interrupt Gmail from working
  • 3. Clean your browser’s cache and cookies. After this try accessing Gmail again
  • 4. If all of the above steps won’t work then you have to check Gmail labs now
    • a. If you know that in your Gmail settings if any one of the lab options is enabled then open Gmail by accessing this link
    • b. If you can open it with above link then disable the labs option
    • c. In Gmail Account, go to the settings by clicking on the gear button
    • d. Now click on the Labs tab
    • e. Now in Labs you have enabled change is to disabled by selecting disable option
    • f. Now scroll down the page & click on the Save button to save all the changes that you have made.

Now after completing this process, you can easily access your Gmail account on your Dell Laptop. Still, have any issues or any queries, then call us at toll-free Number 1-800-431-355. We will provide you with the best assistance ever to make you satisfied & get your issues resolved.


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