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How to Exchange a broken laptop screen?

Posted by admin, 2 Aug 2018

Is your Dell accidently slipped over the floor? Have you spilled liquid over the display by chance?

If you are troubled with a likeable situation, it is the time to step and fix the damage of a broken or damaged monitor. It is the monitor that allows the operations to fully take place. From my side I feel that the effect that such a dire consequence would hold would be that it would prompt with an error of “laptop won’t turn on” or it “only works when plugged in.”

How to Exchange a broken laptop screen?

To avoid the worsening of situation, you may take help of a certified technician at Dell Technical Support Australia. But before that, you must follow the steps recommended by our technical team.

  • Detach the bezels of your screen: Once you disconnect the power supply and remove the battery, examine the bezel around the display. Just remove the bezel to access the screw which holds the panel into place.
  • Removing the LCD panel: With the LCD mounting bracket exposed, you may remove the screw which secures it to the lid. Place it upside down and disconnect the cables. In case your screen has a fluorescent backlights, it will likely have two cables. Remove them one by one.
  • Installing the new one: As you see the new screen, make sure it matches the new one. With its size, dimensions, mounting brackets etc. Connect the new panel to the cable, position it and secure it with the screws.
  • Test the new panel: Before you reattach it, inspect your fresh panel. Reconnect your batteries and the power cable as well. Make sure you switch on your device. In case the display works out, your repairing is up to date now.

We wish your errors would have been resolved for now. In case it still persists, quickly pick up your telephone and dial Dell Support Number. It is a toll-free number so you can come up to us anytime without worrying about the call length. We work for customer’s satisfaction.


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