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How To Fix Boot Up Problem On Dell System?

Posted by admin, 20 Aug 2018

Dell is the most reputed brand in the market and you can buy any device of it. There are so many laptops and computers brands that exist but the main competition is among the best devices and Dell is there in the competition. You can buy any laptop or computer from the store which completes your daily requirements and withstand your needs. No doubt, Dell is in the market since many years and has itself become the brand value by good quality and high processor speed. It has the widest range of laptops which are the thick and lightweight you can easily carry it with you.

If your device is offering a problem pertaining to boosting, then don’t think so much, this issue can occur in any device, so don’t curse Dell’s device. We will help you to solve your problem, you just need to follow these steps and you can solve your issue by yourself.

How To Fix Boot Up Problem On Dell System?

  • First, you have to eject the entire device which is connected to your computer except for keyboard, mouse, monitor, and CPU (Remove printers, scanners, USB device, media card reader and others).
  • Now reset the BIOS: restart your device and continue pressing an F2 key until you find Entering start at the left corner of the screen.
  • Next press a key which is mention to press at the bottom of the screen for instance in Inspiron N5110 press F9 key
  • Then press Esc key to exit from BIOS and make sure to save the changes.
  • Again restart your computer and press ‘F12’ key multiple times to entreat the one-time boot menu, select the boost from a hard drive and hit the Enter button.

Now your boosting issue if fixed and you can enjoy your work. If you are still left with any query, you can contact Dell support Australia by dialing our toll-free number. The experts are there to solve your issue. Don’t feel shy and directly ask for a help, we are happy to help you anytime.


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