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How To Increase The Battery Life of Dell Laptop?

Posted by admin, 2 Aug 2018

Dell laptops are indeed pretty reliable. To that end, they also offer an almost optimal battery life and charging methodologies that increase their life by default. But, we always do want more. And there indeed are some email preventive measures that can assist improving the battery life of the Dell Laptop. These measures combine the some precautionary and preventive measures to increase the battery life of your device. In addition, there are some external components available that can make the device last a little bit longer.

Dell service Australia implores you to follow these steps to increase the battery life

There are two ways to acquire this ability; one is the precautionary way, the other one is the one that entails software power plans that automatically adjust the peripherals in a way that that they consume less power. The latter method the precautionary way makes you disable some of the unnecessary applications. With that in mind, let us discuss these two ways in a bit more detail:

How To Increase The Battery Life of Dell Laptop?
  • The precautionary way: This way mostly includes for you to do everything you can to conserve power. The best ways to conserve power in this situations are:
    • a. Turning off the wireless: The wireless card consumes battery like it is candy. Irresistibly draining all the important power, you can turn it off if do not need wireless connection. To do this, you can use the function key “F2”. This would disable the wireless app in an instant
    • b. Do not multitask: Now we know that multitasking is the way to go. But this task entails high level of processor management and therefore more battery power is consumed. Therefore limiting these processes is the way to save the battery. We do not vehemently advice to not do this, just use it a bit more wisely.
    • c. Abstain yourself: So you’ve got yourself a new game that you are itching to try out. But there is no power in your house and you are left with using the battery. You play the game and then the battery runs out pretty fast. Therefore, you should abstain yourself from using power intensive apps when power outlet is not an option.
  • The power plan way: Dell laptops have whole heartedly accepted the multiple power plans that Microsoft windows provides it with. To change the power plan:
    • a. Select the battery icon on the task bar on desktop.
    • b. You would be directed to the Power options. Click it.
    • c. Out of the options available, select wither the power saver or balanced mode.

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