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How To Reclaim Hard Disk Space On Your Dell Computer?.

Posted by admin, 2 Aug 2018

It is a common knowledge about Dell computers that they mostly outsource their hard drives. But that does not mean that they are inattentive towards them. In recent years, Dell has launched a lot of utilities pertaining to health and proper functionality of these storage devices. Also, they have included several tools to make the disks much more spacious and therefore, more optimized.

Dell Support Australia presents to you an application to make your hard drive a lot more spacious

So, you want to reclaim hard disk space on your Dell computer huh? Luckily enough, the company has launched a more recent tool called Dell Backup and recovery Manager (DBRM) with our free dell support australia Coustomer service. This tool works for a very specific condition; that is it can help you to retain the space taken up by the Windows recovery partition. Additionally, the WinRE (Windows recovery environment) is only available in windows vista and whatever Microsoft operating system came after that, making the usage of the mentioned app a little more restricted. Furthermore, there are some downsides of using the software:

How To Reclaim Hard Disk Space On Your Dell Computer?
  • You can lose your access to the Factory image file.
  • The DBRM system-level backup could be easily lost if overwritten by a Dell factory image. While this is an issue in windows vista, Windows 7 offers a little restriction in this regard; that is, it doesn’t allow the removal of WinRE file.
  • You might have to reinstall all the applications that used the utilities in the recovery partition.

With these restrictions in mind, let us move on to restoring the hard drive space

  • Open up Dell backup and recovery Manager.
  • Click on disk recovery.
  • Now, you must proceed. To do that, press the next button
  • While performing the above steps, make sure that you have access to the Del factory Image and WinRE.
  • The recovery disk would now be created with both the features intact.
  • Perform a minor format on the drive and create only one partition.
  • Restart the system.
  • Insert the bootable drive; it would initialize the system with WinRE.
  • Proceed with restoring the Dell factory Image.
  • You now have a significantly reduced disk space.

Restoring hard drive space is an optimal solution to all your memory related issues, but precautions are better. Therefore, it is always better to install and store additional data into your Dell computer’s internal storage unit.


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