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How To Reset a Dell Laptop on Windows 7?.

Posted by admin, 2 Aug 2018

A men needs computer laptop not only for office purpose but also for home use. Students need the same for making many projects, research and for presentation given in school. Dell Laptop comes with many updated features, which makes the buyer experience good one to have a laptop. Its excellent battery power and durability adds more to its value. Dell has never doubt for its hardware, because Dell hardware is superb in quality with guarantee for 1 year. Dell Support provides best services to their customers and have a wide variety of tech-support including Twitter, Facebook, live chat and web resources.

How To Reset a Dell Laptop on Windows 7?
  • First you need to back up and save all the data of your computer to a USB, hard drive or any cloud storage service. Resetting of the device will wipe out all the personal data and will restore the computer back to its original factory settings.
  • Connect the laptop to its charger to prevent the system’s battery, as backup procedure will take more time.
  • Go to lower-right corner of the laptop screen move the mouse pointer up, now make a click on Settings.
  • Next, you have to click on Power and select Restart from the option. The restart process will take few minutes. Wait till then.
  • Go to the control panel from the start menu and find for Troubleshoot.
  • Now click Reset Your PC to move ahead.
  • Move ahead by clicking on Next. Choose an option for how you want the personal files removed from the device. Reset process will begin and welcome screen will appear.
  • That’s all with the procedure. Now if you are planning to sell your laptop go ahead without any fear as future owner of the laptop will not be able to recover the files.

Note: The important thing to note here is this, some of the laptops of Dell models do not support system restore, such as the Inspiron Mini series which means it will not restore its original factory settings.

If a doubt is still there in your mind, clear it right now contact Dell Support Number Australia 1800-431-364 for asking any related query. The company is more focused on its support assistance and provides the best solution to technical issue to their customers. Customers can also visit on its website for online support through live chat.


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