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How To Solve Display Or Video Issues On Dell Laptop?

Posted by admin, 2 Aug 2018

Watching a movie on holiday on your laptop is a great fun. But, what if there occurs an error while playing a video? Many times, this problem occurs in front of Dell laptop users. The reason for this issue may be faulty video card or wrong video settings. Let’s discuss the steps to solve this problem.

How To Solve Display Or Video Issues On Dell Laptop?

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Firstly, you have to confirm that which part is causing a problem. Check whether the issue arising is internal with the PC screen, video card or video setting on the system. Connect the system to the external monitor to check the same.
  • Make sure there is no physical damage on the LCD screen. Dell laptop may work slowly if any sort of damage occurred to the screen. You may notice some symptoms like flickering, horizontal or vertical lines, etc. If you found any physical damage then contact Dell Support team to avail help.
  • Perform hardware diagnostics for the LCD to determine the issue. Run a built-in self test. If no issue is found then proceed to the next step.
  • Check the same in Windows Safe Mode and if the issue persists then, perform a restore for the windows.
  • Update the driver for Video, monitor, chipset and BIOS.
  • Adjust the settings for display. Change screen brightness, resolution, refresh rate and power management that will help the system to resolve these issues.

If the above solutions don’t solve your problem then you can connect with our experts’ team to avail the proper help. We are always ready to give you the best solution for hardware as well as software glitches. Our professionals are dedicated towards their work to assist the clients in a proper manner. Dial a toll-free Dell Support Phone Number 1-800-431-355 to avail the instant help for Wi-Fi networking issue, overheating laptop, low memory reset, system error troubleshooting and other technical errors.


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